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History of the Company

Cyril Leonard, founded in 1934, today represents some of the largest International Corporations and Investment Funds in the world, as well as Private Clients on their property assets and investment interests. The firm is recognised as one of the UK’s major brokers in the real estate investment market and undertakes a significant portfolio of project management and development consultancy assignments.

With a specialisation in the Central London and the South East market, the firm acts throughout the UK and in Europe. The firm is fully engaged in the macro economic sectors of energy infrastructure, climate change and transport investment, development and operations.

The history of the Firm is a story of how, from humble origins in a miserable economic climate back in the 1930s, a refugee from persecution and his two sons created a business that has endured against the odds and which as a model illustrates how a small business team can provide the best in class service to some of the great names in business.

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Brief History of the Company

Founded as a Partnership in 1934, the firm converted to a Limited Company in 2015 to coincide with one of three Equity Partners, Douglas Blausten becoming a Consultant to the business and the widening of the ownership.

The firm has witnessed many changes in the property world. The extent of development and innovation has been startling and the founding Partners could never have anticipated the changes that have occurred since 1934, not least of which are the inventions of the computer and the application of data, IT technology and the internet!

It has always been a guiding principle of the firm to “move with the time” and to remain in the forefront of best contemporary practice. As has been demonstrated, the UK property market remains a cyclical market and so despite challenging times, the dynamic and enthusiastic team at Cyril Leonard always remain positive about the future. The property market remains positive about the future. The property market remains full of opportunities and the Partnership, with its close knit experience multi-disciplinary team, is ideally positioned to help clients make the most of existing and future challenges.

Prior to Incorporation of the business, the firm’s three Equity Partners had been together as a team for nearly 30 years between them contributing circa 90 years of experience to the Practice. Four new shareholding Directors who joined the Board in 2015 collectively have brought to the team over 35 years of experience with the business providing continuity to our Clients.

Cyril Blausten was also very active in the charity world, was a Justice of the Peace, Commissioner of Taxes and a Liveryman.

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